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Purpose and job description

The support club „August Horch Museum Zwickau e.V.” aims exclusively at non-commercial purposes. All activities of the club are directed to the preservation and extension of the August Horch Museum in Zwickau. The association compiles, preserves and provides the restoration of valuable items and documents of the history of car manufacturing in Saxony. The support club also facilitates an extended access of the public to the museum. The club acts in a non-sectarian and politically impartial way.


The support club and its working teams recreate historically important vehicles and exhibits. One of the aims of the club is the improvement of the access possibility and the evaluation of documents, movies, pictures and archives in the museum. The club looks for co-workers of all ages to join the working teams.

The development of the support club and the museum

The support club was founded on January 27th 1992 by 30 individual persons and one legal entity. Up to now the membership figure increased to more than 330. Among them are 235 individual persons and 96 legal entities.

The museum itself was established in the 1980’s as an internal museum of the VEB Sachsenring enterprise. At the end of the production of the Trabant on 30.04.1991 and the starting dissolution of the Sachsenring enterprise the museum was endangered to be closed and many exhibits might disappear. The support club managed to preserve the museum and secured its operation until the privatization on 12. December 2000 by the AUDI PLC and the city of Zwickau. After a complete restructuring of the museum the reopening took place on September 10th 2004. On an area of about 3000 square meters the museum shows more than 100 years of car manufacturing in Zwickau. The new settlement of the VW enterprise and other important suppliers in the surroundings of Zwickau are included.

In 2010 the staff of the August Horch Museum started activities for the expansion of the Museum. The construction work began in 2013.

Further Information

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