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    Audi Type B from 1911

  • Horch Museum

    Auto Union racing cars in the pit lane

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    GDR bungalow

  • Horch Museum

    Gas station with Horch and Audi

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    August Horch Restaurant

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    Auto Union fair stand with Horch 853

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    Hotel scene with two Horch

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Since the renovation and the expansion of the former office building right beside the industrial halls, the support club is situated in the area of the museum at Audistraße 7 in Zwickau.

You get hold of the executive board here Tuesday and Thursday from 9:00 am to 12:00 am.

Address: Gemeinnütziger Förderverein
»August Horch Museum Zwickau« e.V.
Audistraße 7
D-08058 Zwickau
Telephone: 0375 27 17 38 27
Telefax: 0375 27 17 38 38
E-Mail: foerderverein[AT]
Internet: Website

The noncommercial support club is managed by the executive committee according to the statute of the club. The general meeting takes place once a year, always in the last week of April.

President: Dipl.- Ing. Frank Weidenmüller
Chief executive: Dr.- Ing. Bernd Czekalla
Treasurer: Dipl.Oec. Ludwig Wilhelm (acting)

All leaders of the working teams are also members of the executive committee. Additionally further members of the club support the executive committee to realize the projects.

Telephone: 0375 2717 38 27
Telefax: 0375 2717 38 38
Email: foerderverein[AT]

Förderverein August Horch Museum
Audistraße 7
08058 Zwickau (DE)
Tue & Thu: 9 am - 12 am

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